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Solar Panel Rebate: How It Works And How To Get It

June 8, 2022
Freedom Solar & Batteries

Solar panels are a fantastic and cost-effective energy solution for any home or business. They’ll not only significantly reduce your carbon footprint but will also cut your overall energy costs. While solar panel systems are becoming more popular throughout Australian homes, people still hesitate to proceed with the installation of solar power because of the substantial upfront costs involved. Now, with the help of new government initiatives, you can limit your expenses and receive a rebate on the installation of an eligible system.

How The Rebate Works

You can get a government rebate on your solar panels when you claim the Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), which are in effect until 2030. These are tradable certificates which you or a registered agent can trade for a discount on the installation of your solar panels.

The number of certificates you will receive depends on the size of the solar panel system you’re having installed.

As the installation of solar panels can involve significant upfront costs, this is a fantastic government incentive guaranteed to help you and your family save money while also ensuring an unmissable benefit to the environment long-term.

You’re probably also wondering how much you’ll get back. Rebate amounts depend on your location and the size of your solar panel system. For instance, the rebate on a 6kw system in New South Wales is $2,849, while in Victoria it’s $2,387.

How To Get A Rebate

The best part of the rebate process is that you won’t even need to think about it. Our team of quality installers at Freedom Solar & Batteries will take care of the entire process for you so that all you need to focus on is enjoying the benefits of your new system. We’ll also factor in the cost of acquiring your STCs within the overall price of your system when you choose to install with us.

When it’s time to claim your rebate, all you’ll need to do is download the STC form, which is available from any certificate trading company, and complete it along with any requested documentation. The trading company will then organise the processing of your payments.

It’s important to know that not all solar panel systems qualify for the rebate. Our knowledgeable team will advise you on whether you’re eligible based on the panel system you’re having installed. While each state has specific criteria to determine eligibility, there are general guidelines you can follow to know if you qualify. You’re likely entitled to a rebate if your panels are a small scale PV and if they’re being installed in residential premises as a complete and new unit. It’s also important to note that application for your STCs needs to occur within a year of solar panel system installation.

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